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We want to be there at every turn for when you need us. Which is why we offer a wide variety of services tailed to your business — regardless of whether you're a start-up or an established business.

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Stress-free and simple solution to your books.

One-on-one support

We offer unlimited one-on-one expert support. Simply book a time with us, and you can get in touch within one business day or less, and never have to second guess another business decision again.

Powerful financial reports & updates

Oversee your transactions or expenses and make better decisions with your money every step of the way. We consistently check-in on how your business is doing and regularly reach out with updates.

Friendly guidance & advice

We welcome you to ask questions, as our in-house team is ready to answer inquiry, be it simple or complex. We offer our expertise and knowledge to small business at no additional cost.

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What We Provide

We utilize a tech enabled cloud based accounting solution, with the perfectly crafted tech stack to serve your business' needs. You don't have to be familiar with technology to use it, we help you set up everything and get you started.

From there you can enjoy our service of:

Monthly Bookkeeping
Dedicated team of experienced bookkeepers
Full record of financial transactions
Expense reports.

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Sorting Files.

Controller Services

Take full control over your financials.

Big picture simplified for your viewing

Our team consists of strong communicators across all levels of management on KPIs, financial results, budgeting and forecasting. Our mission is to make your financials both easily accessible and understandable.

Budget & payroll

Save your time and worries on budgeting and payroll. We want to make things easier for both employers and employees, whether it comes to expenses or tax returns. We organize everything neatly so that all you need to do is review the information and approve.

Never Miss Another Tax Deadline

We make sure your business is ready for any deadline. Our team work year-round to manage and update your files, so that you can always find what you need, when you need it.

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What We Provide

Tax Filing? Budgeting? T4/T5s? We do it all, and are happy to provide you with the services that make your business run efficiently and effortlessly. We consistently provide advice and reports that make a difference.

Our controller services include:

Accurate and up-to-date financial reports
Year-end tax ready financial statements
1-on-1 monthly meetings

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CFO Services

Advanced services for a maximum growth.

Fast-Track Your Business

Accelerate the growth of your business like never before. Our experts, led by our founder Pav, offer the insight and knowledge on what it takes to expand your business.

Find the Funding You Need

We're there to help you every step of the way on obtaining the necessary funding for your business. From managing multiple funding round raises to advising you how to budget it, our team is always there to guide you.

The Sky's the Limit

We don't just offer financial help, but also our collective experience in growing businesses. We brainstorm and create ideas for your business and desired level of growth. We make expanding your business feel easy.

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What We Provide

Our CFO services will have you seeing growth and results on a weekly basis. We provide real solutions to your questions, and are proactive in all of our strategies. Our experts are highly knowledgeable in scaling businesses, and we want to bring you on board.

Our CFO services include:

A Go To Market strategy
Multiple funding round raises for start-ups
Advanced strategies for budgeting and fundraising
Accelerated growth

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Start-up Specialization

The accounting solution to a startup's growth.

Teamwork makes the dream work

We don't just provide our services to your team, we become an extension of your team. And what we're bringing along is exceptional interpersonal relationship skills with internal staff, external partner organizations and customer-facing sales network.

Long-term planning

Budgeting? Forecasting? Financing? We've got you covered. Our team's diversified skillset ensures the best practices answer any question and navigate any challenge.

Make your dream business a reality

We help you set realistic goals that bring you closer to the business you aspire to be. Our team specializes in building a customized plan for your businesses' future, so you always know what you're working towards and how to achieve it.

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What We Provide

Our mission is to grow your business to the level you want to be. We don't only help you with your needs for today, but also for the future.

Our services include:

Multiple funding round raises
One-stop shop for information and advice
Consistent business growth

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