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Our services are a one stop shop to all of your financial needs. We offer stress-free solutions to bookkeeping, and managing your essential services to keep your business running at its best.

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Our Process

Discuss your business

We start by learning more about your business, and how we can assist you. Our team will customize a package and make a proposal and quote to be reviewed by you.

Strategize and develop a plan

We then brainstorm and prepare a system that works best for your business, focusing on efficiency and a stress-free method of handling your financials.

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Bring you and your team onboard

We familiarize you and your team with our system, and tell you how to best utilize our tools and expertise. We focus on getting your business on track and in a healthy financial state.

Our support and guidance

Once everything is well managed, we simply provide the support your business needs to grow and advise you on key decisions.
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How We Started

Pav started ClearBooks with a goal to bring his expertise from established and large scale companies to start-ups, especially those focused on the future and tackling big markets such as technology.

With his Bachelor of Technology degree from BCIT in Accounting & Finance, and certification as a Chartered Professional Accountant, he set out to create a business that gave smaller companies the financial health and stability to grow in thriving markets.

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Finance shouldn't be a pain point. With my help, I want to teach you how to make it a weapon to give you a competitive advantage.
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We set our sights to the skies and approached the accounting industry with no limits in mind. Which is why we don't just offer the basic necessities of a bookkeeping firm, but also look to consistently scale your business with the same speed and efficiency of having an accounting firm work in-house alongside you.

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